Work boots buying guide

Work Boots is one of the essential safety tools for any worker. As you work, you need to protect all your body against any danger that may occur and this includes taking care of your feet by having good work boots. Why do you need work boots?Most work places have hazards that can lead to injuries like hot flames etc. Good work boots will provide safety, make you comfortable and give you stabilty to fully concentrate on the job you are doing. Remember, onsite injuries can be very dangerous. Some end up being so costly to both parties. It is safe to always be in protective gears while at work.

The ultimate buying guide for work boots

We have so many companies manufacturing work boots in the market. They come with new technologies and additions to add to their safety. If you are planning to buy work boots, then you have a wide range to choose from and if you are not careful, you might end up buying the wrong one. Below are some of the things you might consider before buying one for you to get the correct work boots.
The Need.Ask yourself why you need the work boots. What is your working condition? Does the company you work for have specific requirements to be met? All these questions will help you understand what type of work boots you will require.
SafetyYou are getting work boots because you need to protect your feet and therefore they should have specific safety features to provide this. How safe are the work boots? This will also depend on the project or work you are doing. Under safety, you might need to look at:

1. Safety Toes

A combination of various substances is used here. There is aluminium, the steel toe caps and the composite toe caps. You might need to consider the steel toe caps as they conduct temperatures more than the other two while on the other hand you might consider the composite ones as they do not convey cold or heat.

2. Metatarsal Guards.

Your upper feet and toe area also needs to be protected from the falling objects. You will need to check on this feature especially if you are working in environments with hot materials, or falling embers.

3. Soles

You do not want to fall down while working. When choosing work boots, ensure that the sole is durable, slip-resistant and protective. We have soles made of rubber and those made from thermo poly urethane. Rubber as a component has abrasion and is oil and slip resistant, features that make it suitable for various working conditions. On the other hand, thermo poly urethare soles are long-wearing and are oil, chemical resistant making them good for environments where there are so many chemicals involved. Due to their tough nature, they also don’t split easily.

4. Quality

Your work boots should be of the best quality to give you good service. Get work boots that are durable so that you save on time and money. Getting back to the shops to get a new pair of work boots every other time is time wasting and costly. Most manufactures of work boots use tough leather materials that are able to withstand any condition. Work boots should be able to last you long.

5. Weight

You will need to be comfortable while working. Therefore, the weight of your work boot will also be of great concern. Do you need light work boots ar heavy ones. For example, steel toe caps are heavier that the aluminium ones and the combosite ones. while rubber soles are heaviers that the thermo poly urethare soles. It is you to decide what weight you want.

6. Size

You need to choose well fitting work boots. Wrong size will leave you with squeezed feet, blisters and abrasives, foot ailments or discormfort. Our feet tend to swell during the day and therefore it is advisable to get a new pair later in the day or in the evening. Some materials will expand like rubber but others like steel will not. Be sure to get the right shoe size to avoid getting any of the obove.

With the outlined ultimate buying guide for work boots above, you should be able to get yourself a good pair that will serve your need while giving you the safety, comfort and stabilty required to be able to focus on the work you are doing.